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With the changes in government funding, Birmingham East Network found the need for the pupil tracking was moving away from pupils on extended provision to those on managed moves and pupil placements. Tracking learners through traditional means such as paper-based registers and ad-hoc phone calls were not viable options, the safeguarding of these learners was of the utmost importance. A reliable, accurate, real-time solution to pupil tracking was required.


Perspective recommended the use of CLM which provides a fast and accurate web interface for schools, colleges and other delivery partners to record learner progress and attendance in a single location.

CLM is a highly effective means of measuring and monitoring learner attendance and progress.

The software monitors every learner as they progress throughout the qualification or placement; specifically monitoring attendance and progress and enabling a free flow of information between all parties involved in the learning delivery and safeguarding of the pupil. It also quickly flags up issues such as unauthorised absences or a swift decline in progress. Marks are easily entered for aptitude and effort as well as formal grades creating an overall picture of learner development.

CLM provides real-time data that can be accessed at any time enabling attendance statistics, learner statistics and learning management reports to be produced quickly and easily at the touch of a button.


The accurate monitoring of attendance and progression that CLM offers is hugely beneficial to the success of the learner placements by identifying any red-flag areas, such as falling grades or unauthorised absences that need to be dealt with in a timely manner. In turn, with 24 hour access to up-to date learner records this allows any problem areas to be fixed before it is too late.

Marie Rooney at Birmingham East Network commented:
“With CLM we can track every child on offsite provision and it has been commented by Ofsted as an example of best practice in maintaining our safeguarding duties for all students in alternative programmes”

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