Work Related Learning as a Service for Coventry City Council.


Work Related Learning as a service are required to monitor student attendance for safeguarding purposes alongside student achievement against registered qualifications. This, in turn, means that there are various parties who require the ability to track this data both within the local authority and from the home schools of learners. An accessible system in which all of this data can be stored, viewed and interrogated was needed.


CLM provides flexible access levels to an unlimited number of users. These user access levels ensure only the relevant information is displayed to the required user.

As a service you have the ability to view all of your learners’ attendance and progress alongside notes and monitoring information for each individual as well as groups of learners. This information is easily accessible in reports for up to the minute data analysis.

A school can log in to CLM and instantly see their learners’ attendance and any notes made by the provider in order for any issues or safeguarding checks to be made in a timely manner. The ability to have all of the required information of a pupils’ off-site placement logged and easily accessible in one system means that any worrying trends which may lead to a placement breaking down can be spotted and dealt with immediately.


All parties involved with the monitoring of pupils are now able to instantly access the data required to monitor and report on all of their off-site learners individually or groups of learners by logging into CLM at any point in time.

Within the system a clear, up to date log of a learners’ educational journey is visible, which is used not only to provide safeguarding and progress information but also to assess the quality of the provision. CLM ensures that any issues or worrying trends can be spotted and mitigated quickly improving the success rates of pupil placements.


Coventry Local Authority – “Work Related Learning service use CLM for daily practice to ensure that we are offering a collaborative approach to training, giving ease to our schools and training providers, when sharing students attendance and progress. Using this system gives accurate information and encourages clear communication. The use of this system gives us the opportunity to uphold a clear and transparent approach to training and helps to eliminate any safeguarding concerns around attendance. We also use this system for our 2 annual reports, enabling feedback from all alternative providers to be shared with schools and home regarding students’ performance and progression against qualification registered on the system. CLM is a portal of our student data and can be used to run off many reports to aid daily practice. It is user-friendly and staff at perspective are always happy to support.”

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